NAL-Army co-develop marksmanship training system

By SP's Special Correspondent August 19, 2014

The Indian Army and National Aerospace Laboratory have come together to solve an age-old nuisance: the primitive type of marksmanship training, the manual system which involves the marksman firing shots at a target and then having to walk up to the target, sometimes more than 300 metres, and identifying the accuracy of his shot. The Experimental Aerodynamics Division at National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore and the Indian Army's Simulator Development Division, Secunderabad, have put their heads together and developed a state-of-the-art Location of Bullet on Target System (LOBOTS) named DHVANI (Detection and Hit Visualization using Acoustic 'N'-wave Identification) to ease the process of marksmanship training by by accurately determining the location of bullet impact and providing real-time feedback to the shooter. According to NAL, "Marksmanship training systems available from advanced countries for sale are mostly based on 1980s technology. Further they have exorbitant cost of ownership since they are not customized for the Indian environment and necessitate expensive after-sales service due to the black-box approach of the manufacturers. The need was to develop a modern indigenous system which is tailor made to meet the requirements of the Indian Army at a cost lower than similar systems available elsewhere without compromising the performance. The system has undergone rigorous field trials at Army ranges in Bangalore, Secunderabad and Infantry School Mhow. The formal handing over of DHVANI by Director CSIR-NAL to Commandant SDD Secunderabad took place on July 03, 2014."