DRDO's new embankment blasting device successfully tested

By SP's Special Correspondent August 19, 2014 Photo(s): By DRDO

The DRDO has conducted user-assisted technical trials of the Bund Blasting Device Mk.II, the new improved version of the indigenous man-portable embankment blasting device, designed and developed by the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory in Chandigarh. The successful tests were carried out at the Ramgarh range by the Army's 120 Engineering Regiment. The new version of the BBD is said to be double as effective as the Mk.I version, requiring half the devices for the same effect. The system consists of a hollow charge initiation device and the main HE- filled projectile attached to a rocket motor. The hollow charge on initiation creates a deep pilot hole. The HE projectile on entering this hole detonates, creating a big crater, fulfilling the requirement. To remove/lower the height of bunds, an array of such devices is fired to get the desired result within the shortest possible time, according to DRDO literature on the technology. A few more tests are lined up before the Mk.II is declared operational and handed over to the armed forces and production agencies.