New ammunition for MBT Arjun tested
By SP's Special Correspondent

August 19, 2014: Trials of new 120mm penetration-cum-blast ordnance for the Arjun main battle tank have been successfully conducted at the DRDO's Proof and Experimental Establishment in Odisha. According to DRDO, "The neutralisation capabilities of MBT Arjun against hard and soft targets have been improved by designing new ammunitions, viz, PCB for hard concrete target, so that it can be effectively used in not only against field fortification and LoC bunkers but also in future urban warfare. The PCB projectile causes damage to the target by penetrating the protective layer of the target followed by internal blast. The proposed projectile has the capability to defeat light or moderately protected targets like LoC bunkers, administrative buildings, field fortifications." The new ammunition has the ability to penetrate a 500 mm thick RCC wall at a range of more than 1.5 km. The projectile contains 2.6 kg high explosive and can engage a 1m x 1m target at a range of 1 km. The DRDO hopes to operationalise the ammunition by next year and hand over consignments to the two Arjun MBT tank regiments already in service wit the Army in Rajasthan.