India identifying requirement for small arms fire detection system

By SP's Special Correspondent

August 30, 2014: The last 18 months along the Line of Control and specifically the last few weeks on the International Border has forced the Army and BSF to begin an exercise to construct a requirement for small arms fire detection systems for forward posts and bunkers. Systems developed by Israel, the U.S. and Sweden have been identified as potential contenders in a sizeable competition for an unspecific (but large) number of systems. Top sources tell SP's the Army and BSF will be looking for an electro-optical system designed and built to guide its user to the precise location of small arms fire. The system needs to be able to detect multiple small arms and/or sniper fire sources simultaneously, during day or night, at long ranges and with high precision and detection probabilities. The system needs to be capable of investigating all fire sources detected, verifying that they are genuinely hostile fire, transferring verified targets to friendly snipers and closing the sensor-to-shooter loop quickly and efficiently. The main features of such a system need to be high accuracy, high detection probability, simultaneous multi-target detection, identification and location day and night capability, and fire management capability.