SP's Land Forces - Issue 1 - 2017

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Issue Features

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    Army Aviation Turns 30 A Reality Check
    By Lt General B.S. Pawar (Retd)

    The Cheetah fatal accident on December 1, 2016, at Sukna Military Station and the subsequent grounding of the entire fleet for mandatory checks by the Hindustan Aeronautics Limited has further eroded the confidence regarding the safety of the current fleet, which is the lifeline of troops deployed on the Siachen Glacier

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    Focus on Domestic Manufacturing

    In a rare media interaction with SP’s Land Forces, Ashok Kumar Gupta, Secretary, Defence Production, outlined his vision for defence manufacturing in India and addressed a wide range of subjects including ‘Make in India’...

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    Army Air Defence — An Update
    By Lt General Naresh Chand (Retd)

    Army Air Defence (AAD) has the responsibility of providing Point AD to the national strategic assets like nuclear plants, oil refineries, military airbases, military industrial complexes, communication nodes, logistic nodes, gun areas, surface-to-surface missiles and so on

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    India's Defence Budget 2017-18
    By Laxman Kumar Behera

    The Finance Minister’s overall stated figure of 2,74,114 crore is, however, not what the Ministry of Defence (MoD) considers as India’s official defence budget. The difference amount between Finance Minister’s and MoD’s figures of 11,724 crore is allocated under what is considered Defence (Civil Estimates) which, inclusive of defence pension of 85,740 crore, does not form part of the official defence budget.

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    Lieutenant General Abhay Krishna took over as the GOC-in-C of South Western Command of Indian Army

    Lieutenant General Abhay Krishna took over as the GOC-in-C of South Western Command on January 20, 2017. He was commissioned into the Rajputana Rifles in 1980 and in a career spanning over 37 years...

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    Lt General Jagbir Singh Cheema takes over as DCOAS (IS&T) of Indian Army

    Lieutenant General Jagbir Singh Cheema takes over as Deputy Chief of the Army Staff (Information Systems and Training) on February 1, 2017.

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    Lt General Suresh Sharma takes over as Engineer-in-Chief of Indian Army

    Lieutenant General Suresh Sharma took over as Engineer-in-Chief of the Indian Army on February 1, 2017. In his capacity as Engineer-Chief, in addition to steering the Corps of Engineers, he will serve as the Principal Advisor to Chiefs of Army, Navy, Air Force and the Ministry of Defence...

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    Modernisation of Artillery and Infantry in the Indian Army
    By Lt General V.K. Kapoor (Retd)

    Attempts are now being made to resurrect and fulfil its long-postponed 1999 Field Artillery Rationalisation Plan (FARP), under which the army aims to import, locally develop, and licence-produce around 3,000, 155mm howitzers of various categories to equip 220-odd artillery regiments...

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    Kornet-EM New Capabilities of Antitank Guided Missile Systems

    Antita nk guided misile sys - tems (ATGM) have been developed and produced globally for already half a century. Since then they became the most popular and wanted type of high precision weapons (HPW) thanks to their usability and relatively low cost.

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    Battlefield Management System for the Indian Army — A Review
    By Lt General P.C. Katoch (Retd)

    Successful execution of fast moving operations, in the future, will require an accelerated decision-action cycle and an ability to conduct operations simultaneously within an all arms group

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    India Celebrates Republic Day

    The Nation’s military prowess and achievements in different fields, state-of-the-art defence platforms, its diverse cultural and social traditions, and the government’s emphasis on self-reliance and indigenisation were showcased...