Lockheed Martin's Next Generation Interceptor programme achieves Critical System Requirements Review

October 11, 2021 Photo(s): By Lockheed Martin
Next Generation Interceptor Program Achieves Critical System Requirements Review

Lockheed Martin announced on October 5, 2021 that the US Missile Defense Agency (MDA) has approved its Next Generation Interceptor (NGI) programme's System Requirements Review (SRR) - six months after the initial development and demonstration contract award. The MDA’s NGI programme is designed to protect the US from complex, rogue threat, ballistic missile attacks. The interceptor is an end-to-end design to detect, contain and destroy incoming threats. The SRR is a significant early programme milestone, demonstrating that the company is ready to proceed with the initial system design. The industry team used advanced digital engineering and model-based engineering tools for a modernised approach to the SRR, including new levels of interconnectivity. The NGI will serve as a first line of a layered missile defence architecture against evolving threats from rogue nations and is critically important for the MDA and US Northern Command. The first interceptor is forecasted to be fielded in 2027.