SP Guide Publications puts forth a well compiled articulation of issues, pursuits and accomplishments of the Indian Army, over the years

— General Manoj Pande, Indian Army Chief

I am confident that SP Guide Publications would continue to inform, inspire and influence.

— Admiral R. Hari Kumar, Indian Navy Chief

My compliments to SP Guide Publications for informative and credible reportage on contemporary aerospace issues over the past six decades.

— Air Chief Marshal V.R. Chaudhari, Indian Air Force Chief

Address by General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff

Opening remarks by COAS during joint press brief on the Indo-Pacific Army Chiefs' Conclave, the Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar and the Senior Enlisted Leaders Forum - 26 - 27 SEP 2023

September 26, 2023 Photo(s): By adgpi / Twitter
General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff addressing the gathering

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Thank you for joining us today at the Opening Ceremony of the Indo-Pacific Army Chiefs' Conclave, the Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar and the Senior Enlisted Leaders Forum. The Indo-Pacific Army Chiefs' Conclave has been a biennial convention since 1999, while the Indo-Pacific Armies Management Seminar and the Senior Enlisted Leaders Forum have been an annual event since 1978 and 2013, respectively.

It is an honour for me to speak to you, alongside my valued colleague and counterpart, General Randy George, Chief of Staff of the US Army. The Indian Army and the US Army are co-hosting this two-day Symposium. At the outset, I wish to thank General Randy George and his team for extending full support and cooperation towards putting this event together.

This edition of the events is witnessing the largest participation yet, with representatives from 30 countries in attendance. This highlights the growing importance and interest in the Indo-Pacific region

This edition of the three events, is witnessing the largest participation. I express my gratitude to all the participating Army Chiefs and their representatives from 30 countries, who are present here today.

This Symposium in fact, serves as a shining example of what can be achieved, when nations come together with a common purpose. The central theme of our deliberations stands as, 'Together for Peace: Sustaining Peace and Stability in Indo-Pacific Region'.

Press briefing by General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff

The Indo-Pacific construct has come to occupy central space in contemporary geo-strategic canvas, in recent years. Its significance is a reflection of the evolving dynamics in the political, security, economic and environmental domains of today's world. The region is not only a cauldron of cultures, histories, resources and opportunities, but is also a theatre of complexities and challenges. The percentage of global population residing in the region, it's share in the world's GDP, the proportion of merchandise market tied to the region, the magnitude of maritime trade that transits through this area, lend this region a pivotal stature in charting the world's course in the 21st Century.

'Together for Peace', the central theme of the event revolves around achieving and sustaining peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific region. This theme underscores the collaborative nature of the symposium and its shared goal among participating nations

Therefore, a periodic ideation, discussion and collaborative congregation of all littoral partners is mandated, with core - efforts focussed on shared responsibility towards achieving and sustaining 'peace' and 'stability'. This Symposium is part of that endeavour. The proceedings over the next two days, comprise engagements and ideation events, structured in three tiers.

At Tier One, we have the Army Chief's Conclave, which shall witness discussions on the security dynamics and the macro construct of our synergized strategy for effecting 'peace' and 'stability' in the region.

At Tier Two, the Operational Military Commanders will engage in discussions on joint exercises, interoperability, sub-regional perspectives, best practices, lessons learnt by participant nations and coordination between our forces, to address specific response contingencies. The outcomes from the session shall form the building blocks for a collaborative road map for the future.

Tier Three interactions, involve the Senior Enlisted Leaders, who form the cutting-edge of our Armies. They will discuss issues related to professional development, leadership and man management. With their vast and varied experience and expertise in the field, we look forward to invaluable ideas and perspectives coming to the fore.

The symposium is structured into three tiers, each with its specific focus. Tier One involves discussions on security dynamics and macro strategy, Tier Two focuses on joint exercises and response contingencies, and Tier Three addresses issues related to professional development and leadership

We shall also have bilateral consultations and discussions on the sidelines, to enhance and broaden our Army to Army engagement initiatives.

The outcomes that we are endeavouring to achieve from this Symposium entail, several key issues. These are - evolving a shared vision for military cooperation, fostering a sense of collective responsibility, sharing best practices, appreciating areas and communities vulnerable to climate change and synergizing our approach to HADR response, increasing military exchange endeavours, progressing defence diplomacy initiatives, reinforcing the importance of open and sustained dialogue, to jointly address issues that impact us, and of course, taking forward the ideas we endorse during our deliberations.

I am confident that the Symposium will be a testament of our shared resolve. Also, that our discussions will be fruitful, leading to our partnerships and vision for the Indo-Pacific becoming stronger and more enduring.

In addition to formal discussions, we have also organised an event to showcase India's rich cultural diversity, and visits to few heritage sites in Delhi. I am sure, that the spouses accompanying the delegates shall experience the spirit, soul and warmth of Delhi, which in fact is a treasure trove of history, culture and heritage.

In the end, a word for our media colleagues, who are here to cover the event. An event of this nature and scale would lose much of its impact, if it remains confined to the walls of this Convention Centre. I am sure, your coverage of the event, will contribute to this effort and resonate with the global audience.

Thank You and Jai Hind!