Message by CDS on the 21st Raising Day of Andaman & Nicobar Command on October 8, 2021

October 8, 2021 Photo(s): By MoD
General Bipin Rawat
Chief of Defence Staff of the Indian Armed Forces

On the occasion of the 21st Raising Day of India’s only Quad-Service, Integrated Theatre Command, I extend greetings and felicitation to the Commander-in-Chief and all ranks of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard stationed on the Andaman & Nicobar Island.

The geographic location of the Islands, guarding our Eastern frontiers while straddling some of the world’s most important SLOCs, has made them one of the most important strategic areas for the Nation. With the aim of strengthening our Nation’s ‘Act East’ policy while enhancing capabilities to not only defend our National interests on these strategic islands and its vast associated maritime domain but to also deter inimical forces, the Andaman & Nicobar Command was created on October 8, 2001. Over the last two decades, consecutive teams under the able leadership of Commanders-in-Chief from the Army, Navy and Air Force have assiduously built up this well-knit and Integrated Command. Today, the Command stands proud as a potent force to reckon with in a region that is under intense scrutiny on the World map.

The Command has lived up to its mandate and has remained poised and prepared to take on a wide and varied spectrum of threats. It has not only executed its op role and task with elan under the most challenging circumstances but has also played a vital role in enhancing regional military cooperation with neighbouring countries. From a ‘Crucible of Concept’. The Command has successfully evolved into a pivotal, cohesive and operationally efficient template for theaterisation of the Armed Forces. This experiences will show us the way ahead for further integration.

I commend all officers and personnel-past and present, for their achievements and for living up to the motto of the Command, ‘Victory Through Jointness’. On this momentous occasion, I would also like to extend my best wishes and compliments to all families of ANC, who silently contribute equally.