AUSA 2021: UVision unveils its HERO Multi-Canister Launcher (MCL), adapted for launching all types of HERO Loitering Munition Systems from a single platform

The new launcher enables field forces to choose and operate the most suitable HERO system, according to the mission and changing conditions, for mission success

Washington DC, Tel Aviv October 8, 2021 Photo(s): By UVision
LAV -M & MCL with the Hero 120 OPF - Missile system

UVisionAir Ltd. - a global leader in aerial loitering munition systems of all sizes for a variety of missions, is for the first time introducing a launch capability for different HERO systems, from a single launcher. Giving field forces operational flexibility, the innovative capability enables them to choose and launch the most suitable system, depending on the nature of the mission and target - from the Hero-30 for smaller 'surgical' attacks, through the Hero-120 for medium-sized and armored targets, up to the Hero-400 for long-range and fortified targets.

Hero-120 OPFM Multi Canister Launcher

With easy deployment, forces can now launch the advanced HERO series of munition systems from a single MCL, installed on one platform, gaining terrain dominance by combining RSTA with precise attack. For unprecedented attack capability, the new MCL enables combat forces to launch and operate the munition from within the platform, and engage targets at tactical ranges in excess of 75km.

The MCL is designed for modular adaptation to various types and sizes of platform, from armored vehicles to large, medium, and small watercraft, manned or autonomous. The ability to store, transport and launch the HERO loitering munition systems from a pre-loaded, sealed canister further increases battle readiness and provides the forces with available and effective missiles.

“UVision was recently awarded a contract to supply the Hero-120 aerial loitering munition and multi-canister launchers to the United States Marine Corps for its 'Organic Precision FireMounted' (OPF-M) program,” says Jim Truxel, CEO of UVision USA. “As part of this project, theMCLs will beinstalled on various platforms. We are proud that this latest development will be used in the field soon.”