Issue 4 - 2021 By Jayant Baranwal, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief

The Gunners celebrate their raising day on September 28 & thus this issue of SP’s Land Forces is dedicated to the Regiment of Artillery of Indian Army. SP Guide Publications wishes the Army Very Best on the occasion of its Regiment of Artillery’s 195th raising day. We feel that the combat capability is not only building state-of-art hardware but also with personnel who are manning the weapon systems (man behind the weapon) and are prepared to carry out every sacrifice for the nation. ‘Gunners are on Target-Always and Everywhere’ with their motto ‘Sarvatra, Izzat-o-Iqbal’ (Everywhere with Honour and Glory) which says it all.

The lead article appraises the Indian Artillery with special reference to the Artillery Division. The author stresses that the role of artillery will be critical in provision of long range fire support in the Tactical Battlefield Area thus the presence of Artillery Division at the theatre level equipped with a mix of suitable artillery platforms would be essential. He then gives a brief overview of the developments of global artillery. He feels that the US has grossly neglected artillery support in its organisation but the US having a global reach through its expeditionary forces, have always preferred air power both for fire support & air defence. Russia is probably the world leader as far as modernisation of artillery and rocket support is concerned. China follows Russia in the development of long range artillery fire power.

Through the article titled ‘New Age Artillery’, the author dwells on the future challenges for the artillery & possible solutions. He reiterates on two vital lessons: one, endeavour to achieve a degree of military self-reliance; two, the force structuring of which artillery is a key element must squarely respond to the challenges of technology enabled hybrid warfare. The new age artillery in hybrid warfare will revolve around drones, missiles and long-range shoot and scoot guns and rocket systems. Drone warfare capabilities provide game-changing potential on realworld battlefields.

Indian Artillery is progressing well & a brief on its modernisation plans have been given by the author in the article on Artillery Modernisation. The author emphasised that the artillery will continue to remain vital to armies because of the four core functions it can fulfill in the modern battle-space: one, suppression of enemy fires or counter-battery fires; two, striking high-value targets; three, breaking up enemy force concentrations, and; four, providing fire support for assaulting troops and in manoeuvre warfare.

This issue as usual ends with a brief news digest & flag postings. Wish you a joyful Dussehra & even more joyful Diwali.

Happy Reading!