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Yugoimport – A Global Player in Artillery

Yugoimport-SDPR has constantly innovated itself as a manufacturer of complex weapon systems and defence equipment

Issue 6 - 2023
Most powerful 155mm artillery weapon with fully automated fire support:
(Left & Top Right) NORA B52; (Above Right) Upgunning 155mm.

Yugoimport–SDPR was founded 75 years ago as the state-owned company, fully authorised and supported by the Government to deal in foreign trade of armament and defence equipment. The one thing that has not changed from the early beginnings to the present day is the quality of the products and services that Yugoimport–SDPR is able to offer to its customers and end users. The quality of the material and our tailormade approach to customers is the key to the rock-solid foundations of the Company.

In recent years Yugoimport–SDPR has not only shown steadfast determination to come to grips with new development and manufacturing projects, but has also endeavored to introduce innovations through new techniques and software solutions in different fields for managing and improving its business activities.

Yugoimport–SDPR has concentrated its efforts on development and serial production of new defence products, focusing primarily on complex combat systems, including selfpropelled artillery and artillery rocket systems MLRS, in formation of artillery battalion. Most of these new products are already part of the Serbian Armed Forces as well as various armed forces all over the world.

We are particularly proud of Nora artillery system that joined the global players in the field of artillery in the early 2000s, which makes us a completely equal competitor to the world’s leading manufacturers. The latest generation of this system – Nora B52 NG, with increased quantity of projectiles in the automatic loader ready for fire is the most powerful, fully automated fire support artillery weapon in cal. 155mm, with increased level of the protection, keeping the most beneficial characteristics of the Nora B-52 M21 such as: very high reliability in different demanding environmental conditions – on all types of ground, in all climatic-mechanic conditions (sunshine, rain, snow, high humidity, high sand concentration), by day and night, in all visibility conditions; full back up and wide elevation and traverse angles, in both directions.

The weapon was made through an integration of a 155mm weapon module on an 8x8 chassis. The weapon module is controlled from the vehicle cabin and, owing to its characteristics, can be regarded as a 155mm RCWS. The weapon module is built around a 155mm autofrettage barrel assembly that is JBMOU-compliant. The barrel is 52 calibers long, with powder chamber of 23 litres. It provides fire support with intensive, sudden and rapid fire on targets of tactical, operational and strategic importance at long distances. Weapon module is a fully automatic loader with 30 projectiles and propellant charges. Additional 6 rounds are accommodated on the platform for automatic reloading, so the combat set comprises a total of 36 rounds.

Yugoimport–SDPR scope of the offer refers to all products that support deployment of such artillery system: FCS, Fenix, supportive vehicles etc. and also 155mm artillery ammunition with an increased range of 40+ km, which is developed and produced in Serbia and is fully in compliance with NATO standards; all types of powders – single-base and double-base, propellants, composite propellants.